Monday, June 27, 2011

On sides and vegetables

Last night I went to a dinner party at a friend’s place. Besides the food being an absolute delight, a mix of various salads, different types of home made quiches and grilled sausages, what really struck me was that the meat (aka the sausages) were only given the attention of a pleasant but minor side in the dinner’s composition.

Plant-based foods are having a come-back, the idea of how bad eating meat is for you and the planet being propagated everywhere, and many voices out there are trying to convert people to the benevolence of vegetables. Especially food blogs (for German speakers a great compendium can be found here: Küchenblogs ) are trying to help people be more healty and eat more veggies.

But can vegetarianism be the final answer? I love meat in all its forms from the bottom of my heart, and while splurging on a medley of caramelized onions, juicy orange heirloom tomatoes, salty olive paste and crunchy Edamame beans and every now and then a bite of sausage, a realization struck me: we were having an absolutely delicious meal with the spotlight on summer’s best and freshest, and meat just being one among the many pleasures to be enjoyed. And I thought to myself, why can a sausage and a salad not live in harmony, none of them the sole center of attention but respectfully complementing each other.

Life is good!

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